Friday, March 6, 2009


Sometimes, weekends can just be the pits!

I am posting on a Friday. I rarely post on Fridays. I am doing so because I am making a last ditch attempt to end a terrible streak of bad luck Fridays.

Last Summer, Faith's physical therapist jokingly chided that she cautiously stays away from our house on Fridays. Perplexed, I inquired why and she said because, "The Reming's have bad luck on Fridays.."

This was before car accidents, hospitalizations and our hellish winter, and looking back it's hard for me to pinpoint bad things that happened to us on Fridays last Summer.

This week as the weekend approached so did the knot in my stomach. There is something about the weekends that just scare the bejesus out of us. Maybe it's because lately our weekends have been nothing short of disastrous. Be it Murphy's law, or a collision of cosmic events that are too common to be coincidental, everything seems to fall apart on the weekends.

So yesterday morning when I awoke to pink eye (yes, pink eye, I didn't think anyone over the age of 10 got pink eye, but maybe because I make a living by hanging out with people under 10, that rule doesn't apply)I knew it was time to go on the offensive.

I am declaring a weekend free of infirmity, break-down, and any other pandemonium that threatens to take us down.

As I write this I am feeling very William Wallace-esque (aka Braveheart) as I so un-solemnly (yes, I think I just made that word up) declare....

"They may take our sleep, but they will not take OUR WEEKEND!!!"

Can I get a witness?


Marissa said...

TAKE NO PRISONERS AND CLAIM THIS WEEKEND FOR YOUR OWN!!! (spoken in my best Scottish brogue)

I can just see you right now in the blue face paint, up on your horse wielding your sword! You are too funny!

I love those pictures of Faith. I showed them to Jeremy and he said "oh, she looks so grown up!" She's beautiful!

I hope and pray that all forms of bad luck stay far far away from the Reming Clan this weekend, and for all eternity, for that matter!


Ann said...

Here, Here (imagine me raising a glass and toasting you). May your weekend be uneventful and disastrous-free. And, may you have some FUN too!

Love ya'

Jen said...

I hope you have a weekend of nothing but GREAT things!!

By the way that picture of Faith is so darn cute!! She is getting really big.

Anonymous said...

I love the dog at her feet - that is incredible.

I'm going to call you and leave you a message this weekend :)


Michelle said...

Halleluiah, AMEN!! Will say a prayer for good times this weekend!!!

Ann said...

So,how did the weekend go? We are heading into another one ... hope it's a good one!