Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordlessy Wednesday

Today I realized that I need to write a post because the only thing worse than staring at a cute, healthy baby posing for the MOD, is two of them side by side. :P

So I thought I'd take this time for some house keeping:

Unintentionally, my “letters to Faith” have fallen by the wayside. Honestly, I am too exhausted for deep thinking at this point, but perhpas some day I will resume writing them again.

Speaking of exhaustion, we have yet to receive Faith’s sleep study results from March and, get this- will have to wait until June for the follow up appointment. *Ahem* Perhaps I was a little too quick in complimenting THE SLEEP TEAM. After many phone calls that got us nowhere, it was determined that there aren’t any results because Faith did not sleep enough to gain any pertinent information. No, really?

It was never really about the sleep study, so I am not bothered by the non-results. We have another (yeah, that’s right) sleep study in a few weeks. This one I am actually interested in, because they are going to see how Faith does off of the vent. Sometime I fear that we are pushing her too hard, and am curious to know what’s *really* going on when she is sleeping off of the vent (during the last SS she was on the vent for the entire night). On a whole, when Faith sleeps without the vent, she sleeps better. This is not always the case, and our problem now is getting her to go to bed (which could be a typical toddler thing, but the three hours of head banging lead me to believe otherwise).

On another note, tomorrow Faith beings her augmentative speech therapy. A few months ago she was evaluated for her communication delays and it was recommended that she receive an augmentative communication device. I think the therapy is more for me to learn how to use it than her, but nevertheless I am eager to give Faith a way to communicate.

It’s also eye-exam day. Once upon a time, those two words would send me racing for the Xanax, but now it’s just another check I want to effortlessly mark off my to do list. I have had some thoughts on the eyes lately, and will share them when I have more time to write (and think).

Well there you have it kids, a smorgasbord of an update, but I think I have succeeded in pushing chubby cheeks down the blog line.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Jen & CO.


Ann said...

Hugs Jen.

I'm anxious to hear how the vent-less sleep study goes.

Hang in there (as if you have any other choice).


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