Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the mend

My apologies for not posting sooner. While I have more time on my hands than usual (not chasing a toddler around, off of work, etc) the hospital is full of friends and spare moments have been spent reconnecting with all the people who helped get Faith where she is today.

The good news is Faith is out of the PICU! Needless to say we were thrilled. Not only are the accommodations MUCH more comfortable on the floor, but Faith's second family (primary nurses, etc.) are up here as well. SO when they gave us a choice last night, there really was no choice at all. :) Getting out of the PICU also meant Faith was able to go back on her home ventilator (she was on a more powerful vent prior) which is one HUGE step in the right directing.

They are labeling Faith's junk "tracheitis" which bascially means a baterial infection that got the best of her. She also tested postivie for Rhinovirus...no that's not some strand of the Swine Flu (c'mon people!) or RSV (I was almost postive it was) but the common cold. At first I was baffled- this is the sickest we've seen Faith in a LONG time and she has had many colds since then, why was this time so different? Apparently the hospital is filled with kids with "colds" and for a child with Chronic Lung Disease a cold can become severe (especially coupled with the petri dish that is her trach).

While she can climb up and down stairs, pose in cute Easter dresses, and wrestle with dogs, she is still a medically fragile child (with very crappy lungs) who beat the odds and survived.

Faith is still "working to breathe" this morning. You can see her ribs with every breath, however she is alert, interactive, and sometimes smiling. :) A WORLD away from the kiddo we took in here on Saturday.

The plan is the wean Faith on her vent settings while she gets over this hump. She is receiving two types of IV antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments, etc. But what she needs most of all is time.

I have to say it has been nice to be able to lay next to Faith and just be. These days she is so mobile she doesn't let anyone hold her for a second, nonetheless stay still for more than two. Here we are free from the distractions of laundry, cleaning, and all the household demands that distract us from what really matters- being together.

Thanks for all of the prayers!

Jen & CO


Hope said...

I've been thinking of you all so much lately. I'm happy she's feeling a little better.

I'm always praying for your sweet family!

Marissa said...

You guys have been on my mind constantly. Praise God Faith is out of the PICU!!

I am praying she gets better fast so that she can go home soon, even though it sounds like you are making the most of your hospital time! :)

Call anytime and let us know what we can do for you!


Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and MIchelle said...

Awee baby..We are glad you are filling a bit better! You scared us sweetie! I hope you iwll be wrestling with the dogd and climbing stairs soon again BUT BE CAREFUL!

Take care and get better soon aan HOME!

All our love,
Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle

Dana said...

Glad to know that prayers are being answered. Hope she is back to ther normal self soon.

Good for you to see the bright side of being in the Hospial!

Jen said...

So glad Faith is starting to feel better!

Anonymous said...

i hope faith is feeling better!!!!