Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy 7 Weeks Faith!

Today was an exciting day for us! Faith is doing more "big girl" things everyday. Today she went "at breast' meaning we practiced breast feeding! She did great! In another week or so she will begin "latching on" and getting her feeds from breast feeding (if all goes well). Feeding is a very tricky issue for preemies because it involves swallowing and breathing at the same time. For now we will still practice breast feeding and she will continue to receive breast milk through a feeding tube.

Once again she is doing great on the CPAP. Tomorrow they are going to ween her down a level. She is currently at a CPAP of 7. The level she is on determines the amount of pressure that goes into her nose. Tomorrow they will try to ween her to 6.5. They are going to ween very slowly since she had difficulty weening off of the ventilator. Faith is behind in development for her gestational age- she should be off of CPAP by now and onto nasal cannula, but since she was on the vent for so long it will take her longer. We are eagerly anticipating the day she goes off of CPAP and onto nasal cannula (which is just an oxygen tube) because that is what she will be coming home on (she will need to be on oxygen for at least a few months when she comes home). So that's the game plan for now: Feed and Ween!

Thanks for checkin' in on our girl today!
Brian and Jen :)


Anonymous said...

Thats good news and I like the plan....feed and ween. These things take time and the slower approach and more cautious approch sounds good to me! Happy 7 weeks Faith! I see she weighs thats good..she has doubled her weight! Keep showing them how its done Faith!!God Bless you guys and we wil continue to pray!
We love ya
Aunt Susan

PS Steve sends his love as well.

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