Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Get out the umbrella- here comes the rain.

On Friday, July 6th Faith is scheduled to have a tracheotomy. Yes, we were shocked too. We were not expecting this at all. For the past 48 hours Faith has had several episodes where she has turned apenic and stopped breathing. The nurses, the docs, and everyone agrees that this cannot go on any longer. Faith works sooooo hard to breathe- it is so sad seeing her struggle for air. The trach will give her an airway. She is also going to get the gastronomy tube (g-tube) at the same time since she will be on a ventilator.
Brian and I have gone through many different emotions in the past 24 hours- this is going to be a big adjustment- caring for a child with a trach is not something to take lightly. There is a lot of equipment and there can be complications with the trach. Fortunately we have tremendous support from friends and family that will help us through it (not to mention FANTASTIC nurses and doctors that are walking us through this every step of the way).
We are going to learn everything this is to know about trachs and g-tubes in this next week and a half so that on the day of the surgery we will know we will be prepared to take care of our precious little girl.
Thanks you for your prayers and support- we really need it now!
Brian and Jen

PS: Faith had an eye exam today; same thing as the last post. Right eye: limited vision, but there is hope with correction. Left eye: no vision.


Anonymous said...

Brian and Jen:
I am SO sorry to hear this. Please know we will pray for Faith and you two.

Will she have to have the Trach forever or just for a time? Will she have it when she eventually comes home?

I am so deeply sorry y'all are going through as much as you have been and will be. You know if I could take away some of this to ease up y'all I WOULD in a heart beat.

Yuo guys will be experts at all this and be able to use that to help others.

Faith so darn ucky to have such God loving parents!

By dear Baby Faith:
You be strong and dont give up. Keep on being the little fighter you have always been. I pray that you will be able to breath freely. Aunt Susan will be praying for you during your surgery. God is with you at all times and will be holding you in His arms during the surgery and care afterwards.

I love you so....
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Brian and Jen
I am so sorry for these steps back.
My prayers are for such a bright and happy future with health and happiness for the Reming Family!
Love you guys!

Kristie said...

Not the news I wanted to read. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

Faith will keep on fighting.

Anonymous said...

This is from a girl that write on on website. See below
Love you guys and it was good talking to you last night.
Aunt Susan
Susan, I just can't believe what all Brian, Jen and little Faith have gone through! God knows they're strong people and that He can be glorified through all of this... but it sure is hard to watch, sometimes.

I used to work in a day care center and we had a little girl (1 year old) that was diagnosed "failure to thrive". She had a g-tube and later a "port" that her mother injected "food" straight into. She was on the tiny side but she was healthy otherwise and active and brilliant. I hope that encourages Brian and Jen.

With many continued prayers,

Anonymous said...

This is from another girl from my website.
Aunt SUsan


Anonymous said...

This is from my partner with the website! She is saying what I think needs to be said: We pray but also ask for HIS presence!
LOve you,
Aunt Susan

encourage not just prayer for God's will in healing, but His presence to be very close to Faith so she would feel in the innermost part of her, His loving and constant nearness.
Sincerely, Sheryl

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian,

You know our love for you and our love for Faith. We wanted to encourage you by reminding you that Faith was sent to you by the Lord, divinely placed in your womb and in your life for multitudes of reasons.
Her soul was placed in a little body that is struggling to live each day on her own, but we want to encourage you that although her body is broken, HER SOUL IS WHOLE! She is a WHOLE LITTLE GIRL WHO IS NOT BROKEN IN SPIRIT.

Our bodies will break down and they will create barriers in our lives, but our purpose here is to live in our souls and serve our purpose. That is what Faith is doing!!! We encourage you in this time, with all of the physical impairments and challenges that could divide you, allow her precious whole spirit to connect with each of you and take a deep breath and cherish each moment that you have with her. We love you and we are here to weep, rejoice, and go through all seasons of life with you!
Your Friends Who Love you,

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

Father God, we just ask that You hold baby Faith in Your loving, healing hands right at this very moment. Lord, please surround her with Your protection. God, I ask You to send armies of angels to fill her room. Foil any plan of Satan's to attack. Lord, be glorified in Faith's little life. We ask that You continue to work miracles through her, knowing confidentally that YOU alone can do such things.

Linda said...

Brian and Jen,
I've been a nurse for over 20 years, and have seen babies with trachs and g-tubes THRIVE because they don't have to work so hard to do the simple things that we take for granted. Please see this as a gift from God. He's now going to allow Faith to rest and heal and grow and smile and when she's stronger and able, she will breathe on her own, eat on her own, communicate with you, and show her love for you.....and I claim all this in the precious name of Jesus!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear God, our Father, may you shed your grace and mercy on baby Faith and those who care for and love her. May you heal her! In Jesus name we pray.