Monday, July 16, 2007

Faith has been in the NICU for almost as long as she was in the womb! Yesterday marked Faith's 23rd week of life. Two more weeks and she'll REALLY be a 25 weeker! Yesterday also marked 2 months after her due date- which is now her corrected age. She is just about 8 pounds and doing well! We are starting to become more comfortable with taking care of Faith- it has been like learning to take care of our baby all over again. Last weekend we survived watching the first trach change- this week one of us will be put to the test (which we are extremely nervous about!). On a positive note we have noticed a huge change in Faith since she got her trach- for one thing she sleeps now! There are times when we wonder if she is sick or if something is wrong because she sleeps so much, but then we realize that this what babies are supposed to do! Before her surgery she was very irritable, fussy, and hard to settle. She never slept more than 30 minutes at one time- now she sleeps most of the day. It is very apparent that she doesn't work so hard to breathe anymore- which is so nice to see. When her trach is free of secretions she breathes much easier and looks very peaceful!
So that's where thing stand now;
Faith is doing her part, now we just need to do ours!
Thanks for stopping by today!
Brian and Jen

PS: We don't want to be too premature (like we were 2 months ago) but the "h" word has been mentioned lately- and guess what- they are talking about OUR baby!


Anonymous said...

Now that is the kind of thing I love to hear right before I go to bed and place my head on that pillow!

That is great news! I am so glad she is breathing easier and she is sleeping better. That IS what she is suppose to be doing as a baby!

I cant imagine doing the trach on her..I would be nervous too! But God placed you in this opportunity for a reason and I KNOW GOD is SO proud of you two!

Now soon we will all be talking about the "H" word. What a celebration this will be..You guys be good to each other and take time together when you can!

I love you and wanted to check on "my baby" before I fell asleep!

Sweet dreams you guys and know we miss you and love ya!

FAITH: Sweet dreams my sweet baby and we are so proud of you . You are such an inspiration to so many people and you are only 25 weeks old! God has such great plans for you my sweet angel!

Ilove you and will be praying for you tonight!
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

I think she'll be home sooner than you think! Do you have any needs for her at home that we can help with? I can get newborn diapers very cheap at the hospital. Maybe formaula if you know what kind. Let us know. Great news..All parents deal with spit up and poop and learn to tolerate them- so too a little trach secretions or G-tube spill is nottin in the scheme of things.I think you two will do great. We will not stop praying so that the transition is smooth and all goes well. Sure wish you had a parents of premies support group you ccould check in with - does that hopsital have something like that? ---Aunt Libby in Miami

Anonymous said...

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