Saturday, September 22, 2007

Above: Another rare shot of Faith- no leads (for her monitors) Faith takes a nap after a bath. Below: I'm working on holding my head up! I am still a little wobbly- but hey it's hard when you have tubes sticking out of your neck!

As always no news is good news! Yesterday Faith was discharged from the PICU and is now on the floor. Usually parents are happy when this happens but we were a little bummed! She is monitored so closely in the PICU- on the floor she is in a room by herself. Thus, we've begun trading off spending the night at the hospital with Faith. The good news is a week from today the hospital is moving! When we first heard about this move a year or so ago (before Faith) we thought that would be crazy- to move all of those sick kids! Well I guess we will experience it first hand! We are very excited about the new hospital- it is very state of the art and everything is so nice and well, new! It is farther from where we live, but closer to where we work. Other than that not much more to report- Faith is just hanging in there! They are working to get her on the right ventilator settings (it's really a trial and error thing- lots of pricks- poor Faith!) Well will continue to keep you updated!

Thanks so much,

Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Faith never ceases to amaze me. She keeps proving time and time again that God is in control and boy does she look great! Sorry they would not let you stay in the PICU. I am a little disappointed in that too. Hang in there!
She is growing and progressing well! What a little fighter.
Take care of yourselves and I will talk to you soon!
JoEllen for all of us!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the no contact but I have been under the weather the past three days but feeling better! My sweet little baby Faith never ceases to amze me..she is SUCH a fighter and she is BEAUTIFUL!!
I am sorry she has to be moved AGAIN to another floor and wont have as much supervision or care. No worries though..she is awfully special to so many!
She is getting so big ! II LOVE the pic after her precious is that! :)
It sounds like the new hospital is pretty state of the art!
I pray the docs get her ventilator at teh right settings..that would HELP alot!
God bless and thanks for the news! I had MANY emails asking how she is so now I can send more pics and news!
We are getting ready for Steves 20th, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT, birthday on the 6th and of course he is a college kid with plans so we are trying to figure out a good night to celebrate! He sends his love! Kiss my baby for me!
Love you guys!
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you sent me this. I prayed last night for that sweet baby girl and I was wondering why I haven't heard from you. Your right no news is good news for Faith and my Jeremy.
Keep me posted on baby Faith.
Proud Military Mom

Brian and Jen: Her son Jermey is in Iraq .

Anonymous said...

hi Brian and Jen,

You don't know how much pleasure you give us by sharing your photos of our favorite baby! It fills our hearts every time we read an update, and learn of your life together, whether it's hospital, home, or some combination of both.

Thanks for bringing us so much joy through Faith. We are heartened by every gain she makes, and worry about every challenge -- but we, like you, have faith.

God bless your family, always,

Kathleen and Hadi