Sunday, September 16, 2007

Very Bad Luck

Both my parents are teachers so of course I love to read (they can only hope!!!!!)
This is often how Faith looks- as you can see her left eye is often lags behind the right.

Oh I just love looking at that flash!

It seems as though this has not been our year. After some investigating we have discovered the reason for the problems; our durable medical equipment company set up the equipment wrong. Faith was not receiving adequate humidity because the technician set up the heater incorrectly and she became disconnected from the vent that night because there was a part missing that holds everything together. Boy, oh boy. Yes, Faith is a fragile girl but if her equipment was working properly she would still be home. :( SO now we are trying to sift through all of this mess. Now we are so freaked out by what happened even with equipment that works and competent nurses we don't know if we can every trust that our baby will be safe at home. Moving on now Faith is doing well. She still has the plug, but it seems to be breaking down. She is breathing a lot more comfortably, and is getting lots of sleep! Yesterday was her adjusted birthday- she is now 4 months old corrected and almost 12 pounds! Yay Faith! We will continue to keep you posted!

Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

My goodness that is TERRIBLE and totally unacceptable!!!

I HOPE this was brought to the attention of the equipment company and the nurses organization as this CANNOT ever happen again to any child/family!

Bless her heart and I am sure you guys are quite upset. I am not trying to add to this but this is unacceptable! A mistake like that can hurt/damage or kill a child. I am sure the medical equipment company and nurses are really concerned about this ie: wondering what you guys are going to do.

THANK GOD you guys were/are well trained to know what to do when this occured!

Aunt Susan needs to get out there and let them have it! UGH!!

1. You knew what to do to save FAith and she is alive
2.It was discovered that the guy did it wrong and MAYBE he will not be allowed to do it again.
3. I am sure Mary is all over this, too!
4. Maybe you can get nurses and a medical equipment company that is competent and do it right the next time!
5. You brought to light problems that could have been avoided.

Well I am right along with you in your frustration!

I am so glad she is looking good nad almost 12 pounds..WOW! I am glad she is getting sleep and hopefully you can to and rest easier knowing she is in good hands!

We love you and am happy she is doing better! She looks great!! She is such a cuite patootie!

Aunt Susan, Uncle MIke, Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Just got home from few days away -- our "vacation" from school and work and internship.

We pray for baby Faith every day, and today, we prayed for her over the Pacific Ocean, OUR favorite place in the world! It's where we go for healing and spiritual strength and refind joy as a couple when life is too frantic.

We pray for peace in Faith's family, and security and safety for all of us. If Faith needs to be back at hospital for awhile, then that must be where God intends her to be. Think of many nurses and doctors will become BETTER in their professional work (and perhaps in their hearts) for even meeting a little one like Faith.

Thank you for the lovely photo of Jen and the baby. She looks like such a happy and beautiful Mom!

And well she should; think of how much joy Faith has brought to so many people who have not even met her -- she has a piece of our hearts.

and our prayers always,

love, Hadi and Kathleen

Paula said...

2 words! Lawyer's Dream!

Miriam said...

Jennifer & Brian:

I have been reading your blog every night for the past several months. I am wishing that your streak of bad luck comes to an end and that you can have your entire family under one roof very soon!

Adam and I send our love and wishes for Faith's speedy return home.... We think of you often!!!!

Aunt Miriam

Anonymous said...

Our prayer are with the three of you.
All our love...
Derrick, Charlene -N- Rylie

P.S. Rylie came home on the 12th of September.

May said...

I have been offline for a bit so I am just now catching up on everything ... Seems like it has just been crazy for you guys !! Tons of hug and praise for all the amazing things you guys do !
Plus those most recent pictures of Faith !! She is just breathtaking ! I just wanna reach in and give her hugs and cuddles !
I have somehow lost your email ..:o( Here's mine ...

Anonymous said...

Just checking in and seeing how our baby is doing!

Love ya,
Aunt Susan