Friday, September 14, 2007

Back Again

Alright here's the update; The night of the last post Faith had another episode. We took her in and she had another episode at the hospital. They admitted her to the PICU and she had a Bronch- the bronch showed that there is a mucus plug trapped in her lungs. This was unrelated to her episode of being disconnected from the vent, but did relate to a problem we had that day. The heater that delivers humidity to Faith's trach was not working properly, therefor she was drying out. This caused a plug. So basically Faith's problems were related to human and mechanical error. How ironic that this would happen to us. And of course when this is happening our dog Buffalo has to have emergency surgery (yes it is about our 10th vet visit in the last 2 weeks). Anyways Faith is so fragile that the smallest slip up can threaten her life. Faith is still having a difficult time breathing and has been upgraded to a more powerful ventilator. So that's where things stand now. We are hoping Faith will stay in the intensive care for a while because most of the time she receives 1:1 care. Thank you all for your support and prayers. I am sure a lot for you are tired of hearing about all of this drama- sometimes it feels like a broken's crazy how Faith has born in winter...spring and summer has passed and suddenly there is that chill the in air again that tells us we've been doing this for all too long.
Well thanks again,
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian and Jen,
Will you please let me call the subfinder and get Brian a sub for next week? I have plenty of days and I will be hurt if you don't use them. You have had such an emotionally draining week, please take time to fill your cup. I will check my school email for your response and then make a two second call to give five days off next week (or over next weekend, whenever you want). You can reenergize. I will take care of everything at the office and check in on the sub. Please, just do it for yourselves. The kids at school will be fine. They will get fabulous art instruction all year. But we need to take care of the teachers.
Jesus is holding Faith in His arms and He is hearing all our prayers. And Faith says, "Take some time off, Daddy."
Mary Trujillo

Jacquie and Dan said...

Jen and Brian!
We want to hear whats going on with Faith - the ups and downs. It is good to know what to pray for. Dan's younger sister asks us all the time how baby faith is doing. I just tell her to keep praying and HAVE faith ! You guys are so strong - keep leaning on Him!

Anonymous said...

We all want to hear whats going on with Faith and you guys! I am so sorry to hear y'all are going thorugh so much..we are the ones that sound like a broken record.
I am glad she is in the PICU because that sounds like where she needs to be.
And Mary Trujillo is correct, use subs and take time off. You are having an emotionally and probably physically draining week and you need to get your strength up.
There, as you know, MANY people and churches all over this country praying for Faith and you guys as a family.
Yes you have been through a long road and seems to be uphill MOST of the time and you will be going through that for a while it sounds like BUT when all the storm clears what a beautiful day that will be.
She is such a fighter..keep us posted and if you need anything CALL ME!

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike , Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

OOPS I forgot the hugs and kisses!!!


Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Email to you Brain and Jen from my friend Jeanie Simpson: ( love ya , Aunt Susan)

Please tell Brain and Jen that I can't imagine anyone being tired of hearing about Faith...we would just prefer that it be good news. I wish I could go back there and take over their teching positions so they wouldn't have to worry about work too. It's amazing, but the saying "when it rains, it pours," is a true one...I think it's God's way of forcing us to stay connected to the day and not allow us to sink into a hole consumed by just the one big thing in our life...I don't know, but I've seen it happen time and when I was so incredibly sick with pneumonia and then our business burned's like "what next?!" Anyway, I know he is continuing to look over everyone. Thank goodness they have their religion to fall back on. Please continue to keep me posted Suzi. I ache for this family.
Love, Jeanie

Anonymous said...

Brian and Jen,
The news is weary for YOU. It is very dramatic, but your little girl's health is just so fragile. I am never sick of Faith news, that's why I check your blog everyday! BUT, I will PRAISE GOD when she stablizes and you all get some peaceful rest. I am praying for you. And I trust GOD with Faith's life!
Love and Many Prayers,
ps take care of each other.

Anonymous said...

I keep praying for her and both of you. Love Beth

Anonymous said...

You guys are never a broken record. This has been a long hard journey with many trials to face and many hardships to overcome. In the mean time, we as your friends who love you encourage you to take the off of work also! You guys need a break to recover emotionally.. We love you and we are praying for you, let us all love you guys and build you up and do whatever we can to help you in this time. That's what friends are for.. We are so sorry this has been so incredibly hard. We love you!

Katie and John