Sunday, December 9, 2007

We know many of you check the blog numerous times a week. As you know we have not been very good at updating lately. Yes, we are busy but to be honest there isn't much to report on these days. Faith is doing so well, we would sound very repetitive if we updated as frequently as we used to. You can count on a weekly update, usually on the weekends. Like we said Faith has been doing great. While she is constantly fighting off colds and bugs but she is hanging in there. Her ventilator settings has been weaned significantly. In September she was receiving 22 breaths per minute- now she is receiving 14. When she is asleep she "rides" the vent, meaning she does not breathe on her own at all. This doesn't mean that she couldn't. Really she can breathe on her own, as we've said before the purpose of her being vented is to open up her bronchiole tubes. The goal is for her to use all of her calories for growing, not breathing. It's really working, too! Faith is almost 16 pounds (about 7.2 kilos, which is almost there!) She is quickly growing out of her 6 month sized clothes and onto 9 month! Our big focus lately is development. Our goal is that she will be able to sit up on her own by her first birthday. This is a very lofty goal because right now she is very wobbly. She receives lots of OT and PT throughout the week to help her reach these milestones.
That's about it! We hope you all have a wonderful week!
Brian and Jen :)


Paula said...

Way to go baby Faith... Its so wonderful to have her growing and looking just so healthy! Keep up the good work little one...

Anonymous said...

She is doing great! 9 month clothes..YIKES....thats ok..I am going shopping again! Your Uncle Mike LOVES to buy Faith things. =)

I will send the 6 month clothes to your cousin Carolyn who had a baby girl. WOW I am an Aunt AGAIN!

Faith is so adorable! Everyone I send these to just LOVE her!
I cannot wait until I meet my baby face to face..AND I WILL!

You two keep up the good work you have done for Faith..I KNOW she knows how much y'all do!

Hugs and kisses to y'all!

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
Typing is safer than text messaging in traffic, and God knows I don't actually use the talking part of my phone.
three things:
1. I want to come see you and Faith soon, when she is not sleeping and you are not putting electronic chips into your dogs. Maybe next weekend if not sooner?
2. Your low expectation philosophy has been intriguing me lately--its completely counterintuitive and critical--two things I thrive upon!
3. Miss you


Anonymous said...

Love you guys!
Hugs to you and I am happy to see less activity on this board!!

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