Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans...

Above: Wooooohoooo Happy New Year! 2008 will be great (that's for you Amy...)
Below: What other kind of humiliating things do my parents have in store for me this year?

I’ve been meaning to post lately- I had in mind what I was going to write. We were excited because Faith was weaning quickly on the vent. Her rehab therapist even put a little bug in our ear that he thought she could be off the vent this summer (meaning she could come home this summer).

Then the inevitable happened.

Yesterday her rate went down from 12 (breaths per minute) to 10. During morning rounds her pulmonary doc told me how 10 was a significant number- how it was a really good sign that her lungs were healing. We were stoked. Then Faith had a sleepless night then we noticed her working pretty hard. After requesting an x-ray we learned that her right lobe (lung) was collapsing. The good news is this wasn’t the type of collapsing you see when there is an illness- it’s the type you see when you take away support. SO basically Faith told everyone to sloooooooow down. She needs time. She needs to grow. It’s a little disappointing to us because this shows how much she really needs the ventilator. Rats. At least she is not sick, at least she is safe. So it probably won’t be summer now (I know a lot you you will tell us to think positive and who knows but you guys don’t see what we see- we see 2 year olds with the same problems as Faith who have spent their whole lives in hospitals....just like us). It’s a little daunting to think of spending that much time in a hospital but as we’re sure you guys know, you’d do anything for your kids. It helps that we are in a different mind set as well. In the NICU it was all about counting days. You’d greet other families in the unit by exchanging the number of days you’d been there- we can’t do that now (it’s been well over 300 but whose counting...) we don’t count months...we’re not even going to count years... and heck we won’t even count breaths (12...10...it’s all the same...) at this point we’re just counting lives...no correction we’re counting 1 life and that’s more than we had at this time last year. :)
Thanks for checking in, thanks for hanging on with us.
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

How could an even, rhyming year not be a sign of greatness?
I hope you guys have a good week.
I'll talk to you before I leave--maybe even stop by for a Wads visit!

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian,

I know no matter what words I say or anyone else could say could take away from your dissapointment but at the same time knowing that God will heal Faith in His perfect time and even though this may sound crazy she is serving a tremendous purpose in that hospital. She is reaching lives of nurses, doctors and so are you and Brian. Her testimony of all that she has made it through, has surpased all of technology... it leaves the nurses and doctors no choice but to believe in something much greater than their own knowledge. God's Glory is being served and Faith is the Instrument and so are you and Brian.

I saw the way those nurses have bonded with your family and the ministry of love that you and Brian have been to them. I have no idea how hard this is for you guys but what I do know is that you will be blessed for your faithfulness and obedience doing everything for your daughter. That's what Christ did for us and you are being the living Christ.

WE love you.. love you, love you... keep pressing on, Faith will rise again and she will be a living testimony for the world to see!

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

Wow what a week. I am sorry to hear that BUT she is a fighter and I think always will be.

I know y'all are disppointed and feeling so MANY different emotions and NOONE can tell you what to do or how to feel. She has overcome so much as have you two!

I am sure you feel pulled in so MANY directions but you are right...we would ALL do what it takes for our children. It will be a day by day as you two know very well. But I am sure Faiths future is bright.

It is frustrating but WHEN its her time to get off the vent and her time to come home...she will. Faith may have it right..SLOOOOOOOOOOW down everyone. Out of the "hearts" and thoughts of babes!

I cant believe her 1 year birthday is right around the corner..that IS something to celebrate! =)

Take a deep breath and know we are all here for support! Today is a NEW day.
We love you and miss you!

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

I take this as very positive news though. There are some very good signs of improvement. You never know how resilient kids can be and how fast they work their own miracles.
Cassie Twilley ( A neighbor of your Aunt Susan)

PS Cassir had a preemie ( 2 pounds) and he is doing great now and he is in Kindergarten!

Anonymous said...

She looks so good. Like a chunky baby. I know 2 years sounds like forever - and to spend in the hospital too - bless them all. But someday will come - it will. Faith goes at her own pace and takes her time - I think she likes to do things right the FIRST time - so she does it slowly - good for her......she has so grown since birth and early on when we met her.......I just love the pics they are really cute. Spring always brings more happiness than the fall for some reason - so 2008 will be great and much more positive I feel it already.
Kisses to baby Faith and Emily.

Tobie R. Halliburton

Anonymous said...

Faith looks very strong. I agree with Cassie and see signs of change and hope-Libby in Miami

Anonymous said...

Just checking on MY girls: Faith and Emily! Truely that was good news the other day and there are signs of change! Thats great! Keep on showing them, my sweet Faith and you too Emily! =)

I love ya,
Aunt Susan