Monday, January 14, 2008

Houston we've got a problem....

Hmmm....we knew Faith's rapid weight gain was too good to be true. And what an interesting problem to have- she's a tank! The nutritionist did a fat fold test on Faith to measure how much body fat she had and the results were a little sad.....Faith has very little muscle and a lot of fat. Coming from a girl who's thigh was as big as a pinky it sounds like a good problem to have but it's not really. Because Faith doesn't use her muscles the way other babies do they aren't developing properly. Think about it- other babies her age (adjusted and real age) are crawling, pulling themselves up on things and are constantly exercising their muscles. Faith just basically lays down all day. It's been very difficult knowing this and going to work- when we are not with Faith she just lays there, physical therapy and occupational therapy do come and work with her but in an 8 hour day that only does so much. :( The good news is they are upping her PT time so she will get more exercising. They also cut down on her calories so when she recieves breastmilk it's just pure breast milk- this is such a contrast to Faith's first 10 months of life- we'd try to cram the maximum carloiers her body would take into every feed. The good news is she is growing- we just need her to grow longer and put those fighting muscles to work!
Well thanks so much for checking in today!
Brian and Jen :)


Anonymous said...

Goodness....I say she looks PERFECT! She just needs a little "working out" but dont we all =)

Do you hold her hands and have her try to stand on your legs while holding her up to stregthen her legs or maybe do like she is riding a bike while she is laying on her back.(meaning you all move her legs for her)

Can she sit up at all by herself or do you hold her or the PT hold her to prop her with pillows so she can strengthen her back?

I am sure the PT gives you things you can do to work with her, don't they?

Well a "problem" like this truely is not like the ones before so, she is growing and she WILL use those muscles , its just she has been through so much and its ONE STEP AT A TIME. And FAith has always showed us...that it is HIS time and when her body is ready!

What a cutie!! I cant wait to someday hold her and love on her! =)

Her strides have been so spectacular and full of miracles.

We love ya and MANY Hugs to you two and a HUGE hug and kiss to my girl FAith! =)

Aunt Susan, Mike, Steve and Michelle

PS Tell Faith if she starts excercising..... SO WILL I! I NEED to also! =)

Anonymous said...

Just checking in on the girls: Faith and Emily

Just wanted to send a a little love their way =)

Aunt Susan, Uncle MIke . Steve and Michelle