Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We rarely get a peek inside Faith's mouth (due to her oral aversion the only fingers she lets in are her own) so I couldn't resist snapping a shot of her little toothers coming in. She has three on top and three on the bottom. Alright Faith, now when are you going to use those for something nutritious?

Tomorrow is a special day for us- it's Faith adjusted first birthday!!! If you are not in the preemie world this might sound a little weird to you but here it goes: Faith's originally due date was May 15th, 2007. Although she was born February 4th, developmentally and gestationally we count her age from her due date- so just think of the 3 1/2 months before May 15th as her being in a womb outside the womb. Nevertheless it's a good excuse to celebrate 2 birthdays!


Anonymous said...



Ann said...

what a happy (and cute) kid! Faith seems to be thriving at home. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

I did a comment but it never went on here hmmmmmmm! We cannot NOT have Aunt Susans comments on here!

LOVE the glasses and the new teeth!

How CUTE is this! YOu look lovely darling! =)

Aunt SUsan

Anonymous said...


Keep those lovely photos coming -- we are so PROUD of you! Look at all those pretty teeth , what a sweet girl you are.

We're glad you're home with Mom and Dad and the dogs. Your homecoming was celebrated here on the West Coast too.

You are always in our hearts,

with love, Kathleen

Kristie said...

She looks so great. I love little baby teeth. I totally understand the due date my brain Leah is still a June baby even though she was born in March.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Faith!!!!We hope you make it a great day!

Much love,

The Nesbitts

Anonymous said...

She is sooooooo cute! I continue to pray for her healing.


Proud Military Mom

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