Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Greenwood K-8 6th grade art students posing with their mural. At Children's each floor is a certian animal, the 8th floor is the moose floor so they painted a moose! We need to give credit to Faith's nurse from TCH, Kim (pictured on the right)who came up with this idea months ago (Thanks Kim!!!)
Yesterday was a very special day. Brian's 6th grade art class presented a mural to the 8th floor at the Children's Hospital. The picture now hangs across from Faith's old room. The is special not only because Faith was the first occupant in that room but it was a place where many memories were made. We spent many firsts there- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Faith's first birthday- not many people can remember exactly where there child was when they first discovered something, (like the first tooth or the first time sitting up...) we can, we were in room 827. Now it's like a part of Faith will always be on the 8th floor.

The day was also special because it was like our two worlds from the past year came together. Some of you may not know this but Brian and I both teacher at the same school (no that's not where we met, we always get asked that!) Our school has been extremely graceful and wonderful to us throughout this whole process. There is no way we could go through what we have without their support and flexibility. The faculty and students have all been integral parts of getting us where we are today. I don't think 15 minutes goes by in the school day when another teacher or a student asks, "How's Faith?" The Lord knew what He was doing when three years ago I drove to interview at a school that was 45 minutes away from our house and only 5 minutes away from the future home of the new Children's hospital. Who would have known that this school would also be in need of an art teacher a year and a half later! His divinty never ceases to amaze us!

Brian was very proud of his students- they did a great job. Can you believe they painted that all by themselves? The only part Brian had in it was painting the butterfly (for you know who!) The reception was very nice for the kids- we could tell it made them feel very special. Three of Faith's primary nurses were there, which meant a lot to us. It was a perfect way to give back to a place that has done so much for us!
So if you're ever at Children's (hopefully just visiting...) head on up to the 8th floor and right across from a little place we like to call home hangs a mural that represents the people who have stood behind us every step of the way!
Thanks for stopping by!
Brian, Jen and Faith :)

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Anonymous said...

Aweome paintings..WAY TO GO BRIANS CLASS!

What a special way to Help brighten the other children up at the Childrens hospital and what a way to "honor" Faiths care and stay there!

Room 847 I too will never forget, it was the first time I met my sweet angel and she smiled and we loved on each other! WE got to help celelbrate her FIRST birthday...what an honor! =)

We love you
Aunt Susan