Friday, June 27, 2008

Murphy's Law as it applies to trach kids:

A few days ago I was thinking how this is the longest Faith has ever gone without being sick and how we have been fortunate not to have any unplanned hospital visits. Well Murphy's law took effect and our streak ended.

The past few days Faith has had yellow secretions from her trach- just a little cold, we thought. Yesterday when she woke up from her nap she was lethargic. She even let me put a thermometer in ear without flinching- anyone who knows Faith knows that this very un Faith like. So we called our Pediatrician at Children's and of course they told us to come in.
Since it was getting close to after hours we had to go through the emergency department.
Murphy's other law with sick kids is that they perk up when you get take them in, which happened to Faith. :) Nevertheless we got an antibiotic and left. Wow- imagine that!!!! The sick and twisted part of this story is we actually had a wonderful time while in the ED- we got to see some nurse friends and catch up with the staff (it's also pretty sad when the people at he front desk know your name..) When we were driving away Brian said.."I just feel so comfortable at the's like our second home." I think this is a testament to all of the wonderful people we have met along this journey who have made us feel right at home in the most not so home like places!!! :)

SO Faith is doing better and we are home- in our REAL home. Imagine that! :)


Alicia said...

So glad to hear she is o.k. The times Marissa had yellow secretions and was lethargic, took her to the E.R. She had pneumonia and had to stay for five days each time.
The valet manager at Memorial knew us by name. He hadn't seen us for several months and I pulled up driving my sister's car. He remembered me and asked if we had gotten a new car! We found it so nice that he remembered us!

Stay well Faith!


Ann said...

There's no place like home. I'm glad your adventure to the hospital didn't go any further than the ER. I hope Faith feels better soon.