Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reunion Day

Today was a very special day. We attended St. Joesph's Hospital NICU reunion! We have been looking forward to this day for a long time. It was SOOOOOOO wonderful to see all of our old friends! These heroic men and women not only SAVED our daughter's life (Many, many times we might add!) they taught us to be parents and how to embrace the challenges that have come our way. They truly are our heroes, friends, and family. We apologize to those from Joe's we did not get to get a picture with- it was a crazy day!

Above: Faith and her primary night nurse Judy. Judy took care of Faith from the second day of her life. Faith was not an easy baby to take care of, Judy (and our other nurses) spent many nights rocking her to life (and we mean that quite literally! Her heart rate would often plummet and she would need stimulation to get it going again!)

Below: Faith says hi to her fellow NICU alum, Rylie.

Above: Jane (RT) and Judy (RN)
Below: Patty, one of Faith's primary nurses
Above: Lisa (another primary nurse) Below: Erin (another primary and the person who put the day together (you did a great job Erin- thank you!)

Below: Dr. Ellina Liptsen. I will never forget doctor Ellina because she was the doc who was on the day Faith was born. Before going into the delivery room we met her in the NICU and she described how she would save our baby's life.

Above: Teena was Faith's first primary nurse. Like Judy she took care of Faith from her second day of life.
Below: Lynn (NPP) I will also never forget Lynn. Since I couldn't go see Faith for the first 24 hours after she was born Lynn came and filled me in on what was going on in the NICU.

Above: Faith and Danielle (RT)

Can you tell this girl is exhausted?! You'd think she would TOTALLY crash after the big day- well she did for 10 minutes in the car but wouldn't take a nap when we got home. This girl sure loves a party!

These pictures bring tears to my eyes. Words cannot express how thankful we are to our St. Joe's family. We walked away from the day feeling so loved and supported. They have been with us every step of the way. We are forever grateful for the priceless gift they given us, and most of all for the love and compassion they have shown our family. Thanks guys- WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Hope said...

How great is that! I know you couldn't put into words exactly how wonderful it was to be there. Faith is a miracle and you all have endured so much. I am so happy to have "met" you. I love her pink glasses too:)

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