Monday, April 13, 2009

Funny Bunny

Warning: This post contains indulgent, "mommy-blogging" material, that unless you are related or enjoy looking at your Aunt June's slide shows from Mount Rushmore, will bore to you smithereens. Since our daughter only wears a dress a few times a year, we cannot help but post, what is basically the same picture over and over again: Happy Easter Everyone!

Who needs a bomb sniffing dog, when you can have a trach sniffing canine? We always know when Faith is coming down with something because Elway is very interested in her neck.

I am sure you can all relate to being fed up with the over-commercialization of holidays, especially Easter. Every year I am continually shocked as I walk down the "Easter Aisles" (Yes, they are now plural) and see everything from Hannah Monatana plastic eggs to Easter-themed I-Pods (Ok that last one was a stretch, but you get my point). Whatever happened to a few hard boil eggs and a chocolate covered bunny? Always the hypocrite, I broke down and did indulge a little...but hey when your child doesn't eat Easter candy, what alternatives do you have? As you can see, Faith is always very cautious of anything that comes from "the outside." Hey, maybe we could use a bomb-sniffing dog!

As you saw in the previous post, Faith is enamoured with windows as of late. For a child who can only see about 4 feet in front of her (and that's only when she is wearing her glasses, without them, her field of vision is significantly less) this picture just warms my heart. She is becoming increasingly more aware that there is a world beyond our living room.

Our girl is also really into cars! This is so random, for we are not "car people," nor have ever really had toy cars in our house until the Easter Bunny so knowingly dropped them off. We discovered her newly found passion for the automobile when she was ruffling through the Sunday paper and enthusiastically stopped at the car ad section. Ever since, there has been no turning back. Cars are just her "thang," (that and Spongebob, which is another totally random, far from age-appropriate fascination of hers..)

We have to post pictures of ourselves every six weeks or so, so people don't think that we've officially fallen off the deep end. See? Our daughter is really not being raised by a pack of untamed dogs! (I like that picture of her w/her daddy because she is wearing her glasses- something that is a rarity these days!)

We did venture out on Easter and took Faith to church for the first time. As it would be with any two year old, it was an ordeal. Why we were thinking she could sit through the service, I don't know, but we broke down and "took" her to children's church where she immediately found the nearest window, and continually banged her head against it. I couldn't help but laugh when the other children, gave her a look like, "What the heck is your deal?"

Of course, the adults were just the same.

The whole experience inspired me to create a shirt for Faith that says, "Yes, I breathe out of my neck, now get over it."
Nevertheless we did it, and we will do it again

Because that's just how we roll. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Day

Jen & CO.

PS: Now that Faith has officially been home a year, it's time for me to stop defining everything in these terms, but this was Faith's first Easter at home. In fact, this will be the last holiday (minus New Years, which doesn't count) where the previous year's memory wasn't in a hospital. This is only language that someone who has spent significant time in the hospital would understand, but also something I know you can all appreciate!


Marissa said...

Wow, how did you know that I had an Aunt June who recently visited Mt. Rushmore and forced us all to sit and watch her boring slide show?!?! JUST KIDDING!!

I love the pictures, especially the "car chick"! Car chicks are ultra cool (not being one, I only know from the outside looking in ;)

Glad you had a Happy Easter, despite the church debacle. Keep letting us know of the "firsts" out of the hospital. We celebrate EVERY one right along with you!

Can't wait to see you this weekend!


Anonymous said...

great pics - and amazing progress. way to go!!

just curious, what kind of glasses (frames) are those? does she keep them on better/longer than traditional frames with the wrap around ear pieces. we're looking to get glasses for one of my preschool students, but they need to be sturdy (think "hummer of all glasses") and comfy!

thanks for sharing your sweet photos. :)


Faith said...

Heather- Faith has only ever owned these type of glasses but I HIGHLY recommend them. Believe me, they get flung in every which direction, get trampled on by dogs, and I often find them under couch cushions. The company who makes them is called Miraflex. They are WONDERFUL. They sent us several different pairs we got to try on and sent back the ones we didn't want. When we lost her first pair, we called to reorder and in less then 24 hours they were at our door. They don't wrap around the ears but come with a stretchy band that keeps them in place.

Here is their website:

FYI, these are hard to find in retail. In fact they don't sell them anywhere in CO, so buying from the website is your best bet.

Good luck and thanks for asking!

Ann said...

Jen - you and Brian look great (you hide the sleep-deprived look well) and I love Faith in her Easter dress.

Keep on keeping on .... you are doing a fabulous job.


Anonymous said...

Y'all look awesome and FAith is getting SO big!!!!! I LOVE these pics. Auntie Susan is sorry she hasnt written in a while...doing a billion and one things. BUT I will be visitng you again in OCt WITH UNcle MIke youc an meet for the first time. HE is a big teddy bear and you will love him!

God Bless adn keep up the good work baby girl. I TOLD you way back that YOU will show them all what a littel FAith can do!

Aunt Susan

Jen said...

I loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. Congratulations on being home for one year!

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