Monday, May 25, 2009

A step in another direction

One question we receive frequently is whether or not Faith is walking yet. Being someone who creates cheesy movie clips when my daughter conquers the smallest of milestones, you can bet your bottom dollar when the day comes when Faith takes her first steps you will all be the first to know. Meanwhile....we live by this pronouncement...

While walking may be overrated, breathing is certainly not. While she is still dealing with a lot of secretions (and especially frequent nighttime suctioning which, as you can imagine, is a joy for everyone involved) post-hospital, she is back to her "new" baseline; vent-free! Yes, you heard it- Faith officially breathes on her own - with the help of a little O2 of course - but every breath she inhales is hers and hers alone.

I might be biased but I think this accomplishment trumps walking any day!

Have a wonderful week!

Jen & CO!

PS: Oh and I almost forgot! Another Reming reached an important milestone this weekend- My sweet husband has now officially graced this Earth for three decades (bet you thought we had BOTH crossed that threshold already (we get that a lot) while in "stress years" we should be receiving our 15% discount every Wednesday, Brian is the first to officially join the 30+ club. :)

And just because the stars aligned just right, we got to cheer on the Nuggets in the Semi-finals ON Brian's birthday (Thanks Josh&Noel for the tix And GrandMary and Aunt Kristen for watching Faith! You truly made our rare night out happen!)


Anonymous said...

YAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!! So sorry we haven't seen you guys in so long. YAY FOR FAITH! One step in the right direction. We love you guys!!

Love the OLIVERS!!

Alicia said...

Hey, we special mamas take the milestones as they come, right? Hooray for being back at her new baseline, that IS exciting!!

Happy Birthday Brian, you old fart! (coming from a 3 1/2 year older fart! ;) SO glad you guys got to celebrate with a Nuggets game. You guys deserve to get out and about together.

Looking forward to seeing you and Faithers soon!

Hope said...

That is awesome that Faith is breathing on her own! I love that!! She is doing so well! Happy Birthday to Brian! I'm older than you both;)lol

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on BOTH counts! Great news Faith! Go get 'em!

Michelle said...


I am more than thrilled for you that Faith is no longer needing a vent!! That is so awesome!! I agree, that trumps walking any day!!!

Happy Birthday to your hubs too!!

Anonymous said...

Breathing can never been underestimated!!! Congrat's Faith and congrat's Brian - happy birthday! You have amazing grace, patience and strength....certainly worthy of celebration.
With love, the Nesbitts